Preventing diarrhea in children

Diarrhea is common problem among most children and a child has near about 3 to 5 times got affected of the disease yearly. Diarrhea problems that are infectious diarrheas are liable for a large part (18 percent) of childhood deaths. Worldwide, diarrhea ranks second in the case death after pneumonia, particularly among children health who is under ht age of five.

How it occurs?

Diarrhea usually occurs in children when they have frequent, watery bowel movements, so it commonly known as loose motions.

Diarrhea is generally the consequence of a gastrointestinal infection sourced by pathogens like virus, bacteria, or other parasites. There are numerous methods in which your child or you for that matter can catch these germs. These comprise:
Polluted food or water.
Direct touch with an individual who is experiencing from diarrhea.
Get in touch with with germs left at the back on surfaces, like floors, walls, toys, or furniture.
Reasons of occurring diarrhea in children are:
Poor food hygiene
Lack of breast feeding
Bottle feeding
Infections like measles
Change in diet
Use of Antibiotics

How to prevent

Diarrhea in children online, such as other infections, is an inescapable part of growing up. By taking some simple preventive measures can help you to lessen the risks to occur diarrhea in your child.
Give breastfeeding: It is very much necessary to give the child breast feeding during the first four – six months, and then obviously can lessen the risk of diarrhea in infants.
Vaccinate for rotavirus: Vaccinating children up to age of the 6 months for rotavirus can help to protect them against diarrhea infection.
Protect against food and water contamination: Boil water before drinking to make it safe for your child. You should never eat unhygienic food. Also, thoroughly wash all raw foods like fruits or vegetables before eating or making.
Take safety measures with pets: Teach and make them strictly follow opt simple hygiene rules like washing hands in regular basis when some touched dirty things while paying and wash hands with soap before eating.
Take care while traveling: Children are often more vulnerable to infections while traveling preventing to occur diarrhea in children. You should use packed and branded water and not buy food from doubtful sources might help to decrease the risk of infections.p